About Savannah

A born-and-raised So-Cal girl, Savannah 

has always passion for performance.

Mentored from a young age by songwriting giant, Jeff Barry, and trained by world-renowned vocal coach Roger Love, she is now on her journey of tackling the Los Angeles music industry head-on as a Performer and Vocal Coach after graduating from the Herb Alpert School of Music at UCLA.

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Whether she's singing, acting, playing instruments, dancing, writing music or doing all at once, Wilder brings something new to the stage. Blending Pop, R&B/Soul, and many other musical influences, she follows in the footsteps of great performance artists like Michael Jackson, Prince, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga, while also drawing musical influence from artists such as John Mayer and the Classic Rock, R&B and Soul she grew up listening to (Elton John, Tom Petty, The Beatles, Beach Boys, Earth Wind & Fire, etc.). As a feminist and activist, Savannah often creates performance art that seeks to make a statement about social issues and act as a catalyst for change.